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Welcome to Gutter Cover Solutions


The Gutter Cover System is the LIFETIME gutter guard protection you need - at a price that just makes sense!



bullet squ1 color NO MORE GUTTER CLEANING

bullet squ1 color NO MORE LEAKS

bullet squ1 color NO MORE FIRE HAZZARD


The Gutter Cover System was designed and developed to bring a reliable yet affordable gutter protection product to market. 

Gutter Cover works simply to eliminate debris that clog gutters - potentially causing fire hazards and /or water damage risk.

The Gutter Cover System simply allows your gutters to work as intended - and is likely to extend their life.


Beware of cheap imitations - only Gutter Cover can provide you with the following peace of mind:


bullet squ1 color 20 year Guarantee

bullet squ1 color High grade aluminium - so it'll never rust

bullet squ1 color A variety of colours and options to suit every roof type

bullet squ1 color Personal service and over 16 years of experience, throughout Northern NSW through to Townsville

bullet squ1 color Local manufacture and individual customisation for each and every job

bullet squ1 color We arrive on time, listen to you and work with you to understand your needs to come up with the appropriate solution to fix your problems

bullet squ1 color We clean up before we leave the job

Your Home's Greatest Enemy

Water is your home's greatest enemy.  When water isn't carried away from your home by your gutters, it can lead to some very costly and unpleasant problems:


bullet squ1 color Damage to your foundations, basement/crawl space.

bullet squ1 color Rotting of the roof, gutter-boards and overhangs.

bullet squ1 color Damage and mould in your roof and walls.

bullet squ1 color Damage to landscaping.

bullet squ1 color Standing water, which provides a home for disease- carrying mosquitoes and other bugs.


In addition, gutters filled with dry leaves presents a very real fire hazard.


Problems like these cost Australian homeowners millions of dollars each year, even though prevention is possible by simply keeping your gutters clean.


Gutter Cover means:

No more cleaning climbing ladders to clean your gutters

No more water damage from blocked gutters

Longer gutter life                             





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